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Individual or Group Sessions Available

Wayne H. Miller, LCSW, SSW

After years of practice, I have found that most of our actions and moods are a direct result of our thinking and perceptions.  I offer a full spectrum of therapeutic services ranging from individual and group therapy sessions, to family, marriage, and couples counseling.   The focus of treatment is to identify problematic behaviors, beliefs, and feelings. Then together, we challenge the negative thoughts and behavior while developing a plan with specific action-oriented steps targeting  emotional symptoms.
For behavior to change, it’s absolutely crucial to know what you can build on, what your limits are, and what you really need to work on to manage the symptoms. The psychotherapy focuses on keeping you working toward the goals even when it becomes difficult.
My experiences the past Ten (10) Years include advocating for victims of crime, Young Adult college athletes, High School Adolescents, people and couples needing to make significant changes or facing severe Legal consequences.  My individual psychotherapy sessions will assist you with identifying the problem and setting action steps.  The goal is to reduce the emotional symptoms.  The objective is to examine the internal and external barriers that prevent the progress along the treatment journey toward the "NEW YOU"

Psychotherapy is a personal process of becoming conscious of one’s inner world to change and grow.  Psychotherapy aims to increase the individual's sense of their own well-being and self-growth by identifying Strengths and Weaknesses. My skills as a therapist include non-judgmental  understanding of each of my clients.  Finding the right "fit" with a therapist can prove central in attaining the most positive outcomes. 
With a history of working in diverse settings, including inpatient hospitals; intensive outpatient programs (IOP); outpatient centers; and University and High School campuses, I am a firm believer that the each individual situation is unique, and am qualified to address the varying needs of each of my clients.  If you are ready, I can help.


The Modalities that I use include Cognitive Behavioral (CBT), Psychodynamic, and Family Systems Therapies.  Interventions include emotional intelligence, mindfulness, and exposure psychotherapy treatments.  These interventions are designed to help you identify your strengths and weaknesses in order to deal with the disruptive impulses and emotions.


YMCA of America                                                Hunterdon Medical Center

Somerset County Prosecutors Office            Richard Hall Health Center

New Jersey City University                              Department of Juvenile Justice 

Domestic Violence Advocate                           Family & Community Services       

NJ Violence Against Women & Children      Sexual Assault Certification

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