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Adolescent Therapy & Counseling

Adolescents generally find it difficult to verbalize their feelings. They are often overwhelmed and confused by complex emotions as they transition towards adulthood.  Most emotional conflicts involve relationships with family members and peers or issues with adult expectations and academic pressures. 

It’s absolutely crucial to know what you can build on, what your limitations are, and what you really need to work on to manage the negative impulses and disruptive emotions. The psychotherapy sessions focus on making strides towards established goals, providing support and guidance through the most challenging situations.

My experience with adolescents includes counseling within the Juvenile Court System where my patients often faced dire consequences if demonstrable changes in behavior were not made.   I focused on identifying strengths to build on and providing support while working with clients on behavioral changes to be made in order to achieve a more productive future.   The psychotherapy sessions involved identifying problematic behaviors, beliefs, and feelings with the goal to reduce emotional struggles.  The objective is to set attainable action steps each week and examine the internal and external barriers that present themselves along the treatment journey.  I have worked in diverse settings ranging from inpatient hospitals, intensive outpatient programs (IOP), outpatient centers, to University and High School campuses.  I believe each situation is unique, and tailor the treatment plan accordingly based on the individual, situation and challenges faced.

Characteristics that could signal a need for therapy:

- Depression
- Anxiety or stress

- Academic decline / truancy 

- Inability to form positive relationships

- Oppositional or aggressive behaviors

- Lack of motivation

- Sleep issues

- Gaming addiction

- Running away from home

- Excessive risk-taking 

- Acting-out sexually

Substance abuse

Substance Abuse Assessments for Adolescents – The Adolescents may need to be evaluated due to problems at school or home directly related to substance abuse. The evaluation is to determine the extent of the drug use and its impact on educational, psychological and social development. The assessments are individualized to meet the needs of the adolescent and situation.

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